Terms of Service

General Information

Updated 11/16/18

The following Terms of Service apply to all commissioned projects by the artist Vextera, and encompass all non-commercial works unless otherwise stated. 

I do not accept business from Clients who are under the age of 18.

The Artist


  • All rights and ownership of the artwork remain with the artist.

  • I reserve the right to feature all commissioned works on my social media accounts and and portolio(s).

  • I reserve the right to decline commissions at my discretion.

  • I reserve the right to post progress shots to my social media outlets.

  • I will send Clients two images: one low-resolution image with watermark to post to the web, and one high resolution image. My default canvas size is 11x17 inches at 300dpi.

  • I reserve the right to alter and/or modify the illustration for my own purposes, sell the image in shops or on merchandise, and otherwise use it for professional promotion.


  • The Client confirms that they are of at least 18 years of age.

  • The Client confirms that they have read my Terms of Service in entirety.

  • The Client may not remove my signature from any commissioned pieces.

  • The Client is welcome to upload the finished watermarked commission to DeviantArt or other galleries of their choosing providing they link back to my personal website (vextera.com) or tag @Vextera on Twitter or Tumblr.

  • The Client is welcome to crop or add text to the image at their discretion for personal use, which can include forum signature banners or avatars.

  • The Client may not use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes, which includes (but is not limited to) selling the art, using the art in or as a logo, and advertising a business, book, or website.

The Client



All prices are non-negotiable, and I will decline commissions from Clients who try to haggle.


  • I accept payment through PayPal only. All payments must be made in USD (United States Dollars).

  • Additionally, I use PayPal invoicing to keep track of my commissions. Don't send payment on your own; I will invoice you.

  • Invoices must be paid within 48 hours unless otherwise agreed upon. I will not begin working on a commission until payment is received.

  • Virtual or physical goods are not accepted as forms of payment. I do not accept checks or cash by mail.

  • Tips are very welcome! You can tip through the invoice itself or via my Ko-Fi.

  • Commissions totaling less than $100 must be paid up front in full.

  • Commissions totaling $100 or more are eligible for Split Payments (below).

Split Payments

  • Clients who commission art totaling $100 or more have the option of breaking payment up into 2 or 4 equal installments.

  • The dates of each payment must be scheduled with me when the first payment is made, and each new invoice must be paid within 48 hours.

  • If the second, third, or fourth installment of a split payment is late or missed, see Holds, below.

  • I will not begin working on a commission until I have received the first installment of a Split Payment.

Commercial Work

By default, all pricing and commission information on this website pertains to private buyers only. I use a different pricing model and require contracts for any artwork that is intended to be used for commercial purposes. Those seeking to hire me for commercial projects are encouraged to send me a proposal by e-mail.


Cancellations, Refunds, and Holds


Cancellations can be made by the Client at any time, but refunds are only given in certain circumstances.


Clients will receive full refunds for their commissioned work in the following circumstances:

  • For any reason, I am unable to complete the commission.

Clients will receive 90% of the full price refunded for their commissioned work in the following circumstances:

  • The Client wishes to cancel and I have not yet started work their commission.

I do not issue refunds on commissions after I've started working on them. Please contact me if you need me to make changes to the commission (see Revisions, below).

Holds and Late Payments

If a Client has opted to pay in installments for a large commission and does not pay on their scheduled invoice within 48 hours of receiving it, their commission will be put on Hold.

Commissions on Hold are moved to the bottom of my current queue; I will email the Client regarding this development. The Client will have seven days to respond so that we may work out adjustments to their payment schedule. Commissions that enter a Hold are not moved back to their original place in my queue once the late payment has been rendered.

If the Client does not respond to my email within 7 days of missing a scheduled payment, the commission will be dropped, and the slot will be made available to the public.


I am more than happy to provide revisions to the commission piece at the request of the Client.

  • All composition-related revisions must be addressed in the Sketch/Mockup stage.

  • Minor revisions, such as changing eye color or adding earrings, can be done at any stage.

  • If I have forgotten to add something or I have done something incorrectly in regards to the information you have provided that we have already agreed upon, that can be corrected at any time.

  • Major revisions outside the information we have already agreed upon can only happen in the Sketch/Mockup stage. If you decide you want to go in a completely different direction after I've started rendering the agreed upon piece, there will be an additional charge that corresponds with how much of the piece I've already completed.


Timelines, Rush Art, and Communication


I will give my clients a rough timeline that includes when they can expect updates and when the piece itself will be completed. Smaller pieces generally take 2-4 weeks, while larger pieces and full-scale illustrations can take up to 3 months or more depending on complexity and payment schedule.

I will do my best to give you an accurate timeline, and provide updates in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as illness or being called into work at the shop.

Rush Art

If the work you are interested in has a deadline, please let me know in advance. If I need to put a rush on the piece and complete it before a rapidly nearing date, I charge an additional amount depending on how much advance notice I receive.

  • Additional 25% for two week's notice.

  • Additional 50% for one week's notice.

  • Double price for three day's notice.

I will not accept rush work if I cannot feasibly complete it within the time allotted.


I do my best to give clients updates once per week or so while actively working on their piece, but occasionally my schedule gets in the way. You are welcome to request updates from me at your discretion!

I am happy to communicate with clients via email or over Discord; my Discord username will be given out privately to each client. Discord is generally the fastest way of reaching me.

Stream Schedule

I occasionally stream my commissions. If you'd like to watch me work, let me know what times during these days you'll be available. I will try to accommodate your request, but make no guarantees that I will be able to rearrange my schedule to suit. 

Though I currently do not have a set stream schedule, streaming most often occurs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.